The Helen Bonney Guided Imagery and Music method involves the client imaging whilst listening to a 30 - 45 minute programme of music that is specifically chosen for the client’s therapeutic intention. The client is in a relaxed state, eyes closed, lying down whilst listening to the music. The therapist verbally guides the client during this part of the session. The session ends with the client drawing a mandala in order to have a concrete and visual representation of the experience. 

The duration of a session is between 90 - 120 minutes.  Group sessions will be adapted to meet the need of the group. The music listening process will be conducted unguided and the music program significantly shorter. 

GIM is recommended for individuals who are:

  • struggling with mental health problems (depression, anxiety, etc.)

  • experiencing trauma due to loss

  • struggling with addiction

  • wants to work on unresolved emotional issues

  • in need of discovering inner resources

  • wants to work on their personal development and growth

I am currently in my final level of completing the training in the specialized approach of Helen Bonny’s Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) method. I am available for individual and group GIM sessions whilst receiving regular supervision from qualified GIM trainers.