Creative Music Therapy sessions

My Mother was diagnosed with dementia in 2007. She is now 96 years old and unfortunately her condition keeps on deteriorating at a slow paste. I however continuously seek methods to improve and help her. In May 2018 I requested Hermi to introduce Music Therapy to her. 

Initially she started off on a weekly basis for the first 6 months to secure the routine, wheatear we could reduce it to a bi-weekly session. Hermi started with a well-known instrument like guitar and gradually introduced shakers, djembe drums and tambourines. I told Hermi which type of music and songs my Mother used to enjoy and from the word go my Mother enjoyed the sessions and took part with so much enthusiasm. I have several little videos that her care worker took to share with the family showing our Mother clapping hands, tapping feet, singing with so much joy that one can keep on watching it over and over. We will always treasure those happy moments which are so precious.

My Mothers’s care workers also got involved in the group sessions as well which helped them as well. Certain songs brought memories back that she did not mention in ages. Whenever she would get anxious now or feels upset, we will just start singing and all will be well again.

I am so grateful towards Hermi for the way she treated my Mother. Dementia patients are not the easiest patients to work with if you do not understand them but she always has the utmost respect, patients and empathy for my Mother and her condition. Not only is Hermi a wonderful musician but definitely well suited for a career path as a Music Therapist. I can highly recommend her. 

Jacolette Priem (Centurion)

Creative Music Therapy sessions

As the mom of a type 1 diabetic, one would think that I had it all figured out when it came to caring for all my daughter’s needs – not only on a physical level, but also emotionally. What we don’t understand as parents, or individuals who don’t have to live with a life threatening chronic disease, is that there is a constant inner war that these super heroes have to fight day in, and day out. An emotional battle, anger, frustration, some days a feeling of hopelessness, fear of being “too different”. There is a lot of loneliness, because diabetes sometimes forces isolation because of its demands. And often times, our children don’t speak about it, because, well, the world is a judgemental place and nobody understands! Or they don’t know how to out their emotions into words so that we can try understand. 

In July 2018, I had lost a part of my child to this loneliness, spurred on by the loss of our beloved family dog, Roxy. Roxy who always seemed to know when Madi needed someone just to lie a little closer to her, or needed some extra attention because it was an “off” day – she was Madi’s number 1 companion. Madi was unable to explain to me what she was feeling. But I saw her disappearing into a world of sadness, grief and loneliness. She wasn’t talking, she just cried and completely isolated herself. 

Having met Hermi a few weeks prior to this, and learning more about what she did, I decided to give music therapy a try (Madi wasn’t speaking so what would a regular therapist help?). After just a few sessions, I felt like my child had re-emerged: stronger, calmer, more in control, better able to plot her feelings and emotions, going back to what she had learnt in her sessions with Hermi for an outlet. What Hermi did for my daughter can never be applauded, praised or boasted about enough! Taking this little human’s heart, emotions and feelings, creating a safe space for her to just “feel” and let it out, I am forever thankful and I stand in complete awe of her work. 

Her passion for her calling, her COMPASSION for her patients, her professionalism, her kindness, her calm – Hermi will forever be my “Madi whisperer”! 

Michelle B

Creative Music Therapy sessions

My seun Jaco* het dit sooooo geniet - hy kom verseker weer!

R. Coerze